In Prism Lahore Ring Road part work started


Congratulations FWO have started work on Lahore Ring Road in DHA 9 Prism J block. Entire 22 kilometers Lahore Ring Road southern loop part 2 to be completed at cost of Rs 24 billions in only 12 months time. InshaAllah

Video is available. Send me whatsapp message at +16308024186 to get video of Prism J block FWO equipment working in field

Choudry Mujahid Yasin



Lake city interchange is part of 6 full interchanges as per Punjab Govt

lake city interchange

Construction of Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop under PPP mode

Project Features: 22.4 Km (SL-I & SL-II), including:

Right of way: 90 meters

3-Lanes Dual carriageway

Interchanges : 06 Nos

Vehicular/Pedestrian underpasses= 18 Nos

Drainage Culverts(0.9 m Ø)=21Nos

Utility Box Culverts (2M*2M)= Every 5.0 KM

Utility Pipes (2*225 mm Ø)= Every 2.5 Km

Intelligent Transport System, for entire Ring Road

Location : Sui Gas town to adda plot Raiwind Road, lahore (Ashiana Housing Scheme interchange, Ferozpur Road interchange, Kahna Kacha interchange, Halloki interchange, Lake city interchange, Raiwind Road interchange)

Implementation Agency:

Lahore Ring Road Authority (LRRA) Current Status:

Bids evaluated, LOI issued to successful bidder Verify from these sources. Use find Lake city function after page loads[v12].LRR-SL.%20F10b_0.pdf[v13].LRR-SL.pdf